Penicuik Harriers

I once read an article about why you should join a running club. There were all the usual (and very good) reasons cited but then I read about Billy Whizz who joined The Extremely Fast Running Club and got his marathon time down to 2 hours 50 minutes. If ever there was a reason for a more ‘normal’ runner to be terrified of joining a club, this was it – I simple dreaded the idea of being left behind in the dust. However, I finally took the plunge and a more friendly bunch of people who are all passionate about running at all levels and without even a hint of a ‘side’ to them, you could not wish to meet. The club has two coaches, Dave Cairns and Bill Bennett – they are both so experienced and inspirational that one could never be wary of coming back for more.

The AYE Club

The AYE Club is quite simply an informal gathering of running folk who have completed all the Edinburgh Marathons since the current series began in 2003 and the ‘Class of 2018’ has 18 members. I am proud to be part of this fantastic bunch of people and delighted to be the current president of the club (2014 – 2019). We hold an annual dinner the Friday before each race, have our club photograph taken pre-race and share all this at our website, on Facebook and on Instagram:



Instagram: : search for the_aye_club

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